Who Were The Greatest Bands of All Time ?

To finish up last weeks blog, I left out Martin Taylor who’s carrying on the Joe Pass style of playing melody, chords and bass on the same guitar at the same time. Go to YouTube and listen to one song, you’ll be a fan. Also a friend, Muriel Anderson, who is the most outrageous finger picker you’ll ever see. Go to YouTube.
Ok, now bands. A lot of you would say one band and leave it at that. These are just rock bands, jazz, blues country etc. would cover too much territory, so for now Rock Bands.
The one band, The Beatles, they changed our world, the way we dressed, our hair, introduced us to drugs, wrote amazing melodic songs that just hadn’t been written by bands before and actually changed our thinking.
Of course there are others, The Rolling Stones, named after a Muddy Waters song, gave rock a blues twist. It will be a sad day when Keith Richards dies, he gives us mature musicians something special. He is amazing.
How about Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd? Jimmy Page was one of the more creative guitarist of that era, in and out of the studio and David Gilmour’s solos are phrased like no one elses in rock. He left the spaces where they should be, it was never about shedding on his axe.
Queen? For my money the best vocal band ever. The Beatles were good but Queen raised the bar. Freddie Marcury, RIP.
Jimi Hendrix was just a band in himself. It really didn’t matter who was playing with him. I was fortunate to see him several times and still have some hearing left.
This could go on but a little later in that era Steely Dan arrived. Who was in the band? You never knew. Whoever the song called for, mixing rock with jazz and blues, horns when needed, girl and guy back-up singers, whatever was going through Donald Fagen head at the time. Every song a little different and usually breaking new ground.
The Who? AC/DC? The Doors? Maybe the Eagles or Aerosmith? And should the Beach Boys be included? Brian Wilson should be. The Dead?
As much as I truly love The Beatles, I think Steely Dan was more creative, so they get my vote.
Who gets your’s?

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