Special Students

Growing up with an uncle who was autistic (a word not used in those days) and losing my mother to Alzheimer’s has made me more patient and a lot more caring to my students, no matter their situation.

Parents with autistic sons and daughters have come to me for help.

In one case I helped a young girl who was in a horrific car accident leaving her with severe brain damage; she began to recover with the help of music that stimulated her mind and spirit.

More mature students with early stage dementia have come to me, too. I was able to help with music and songs they remembered like “You are My Sunshine” etc. Songs they grew up with.

The magical thing about music is a person always seems to remember songs from their youth. “It Had To Be You”, “You Are My Sunshine” and so many more.

There are a multitude of letters and testimonials from parents I can provide if necessary.

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