Read testimonials from my students! 

Lots of Guitars 013

“When I started law school in 2010, I wanted to keep music in my life. I had been playing guitar for years, but without much structure or guidance, save from friends I would play with casually. I met Dennis, a teacher willing to drive to my house every week for lessons. At first it was the blues, then country, then jazz, then samba–you name it. The important thing is, no matter what I was doing any given week–and the stress of school and work could be hectic–there was always an hour set aside for music.
Six years, a law degree, a marriage (to a drummer! ), and two jobs later, I still take lessons, and Dennis is as much a friend as a teacher to me. I have developed as a guitar player and as a musician far beyond where I was when I started. My friends notice. My family notices. I notice. Lots of Guitars 008Dennis even spent a month teaching me the ukulele, which I can pick up whenever I want. The constancy of guitar lessons has helped me keep in perspective the daily pressures of work and family. Learning enriches my playing and playing enriches my life. ”
Richard R.

“Dennis Weislik is not only friendly and patient, but also is good at gauging his students’ level of knowledge and ability. His commitment to his students is evident.

I took lessons with Dennis for about four years. I was the type of student that wouldn’t come prepared to request to learn a new pop song, so I asked Dennis to teach me a one from his portfolio. I learned the greatest tunes from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Taylor Swift. He’s expanding my world of music and I will forever be grateful for that. He shared his music albums and would keep me updated with his crafty skills that created harp guitars.

Dennis is a very passionate, approachable, and down to earth person to have as a guitar teacher. He is a premier developer of principled guitar players. I would definitely recommend any future guitar player to highly consider this motivated and passionate individual as your teacher.”
Sincerely, Vicky V. 

“Dennis lets me pick the songs I want to learn and then patiently teaches this middle aged Lots of Guitars 011junior high school band dropout to play them in an interesting and fun way – not just strumming chords.  I have studied with him since 2013 and recommend him to anyone who has the desire learn whether beginner or experienced.”